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August Monthly Reminders
August 3, 2010, 10:36 am
Filed under: Homekeeping

Monthly reminders:

We all know, each month brings an unending list of chores. Prioritize the list and get done what you can. If time is short, catch up on repetitive chores the next time around. Try keeping ahead of those “must dos” on your list. Here are just some highlights………

Dates to remember – check calendar for birthdays, anniversaries,  appointments, etc. National holidays: none – however schools resume in August (observe school zones speeds and some states have banned cell phone use while driving through school zones)

Pets – Administer pet medications, Schedule grooming date, clean water and food bowl, check toys for damage/replacement

Auto –  check….. auto tags, auto inspection stickers, oil change date, current insurance cards; windshield wipers for replacement, windshield wiper fluid,  tire pressure, wash exterior and de-clutter  interior

Home – Clean or replace air conditioner filter & check condensation drain 10th posting on air conditioning maintenance), replace vacuum cleaner bag, spot treat carpets, deodorize sink drains ; test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


Keep tabs on rainfall and water as needed. Check garden centers for mark downs on remaining plants. Keep lawns at about 3″, to protect from summer heat. Keep bird feeders and baths clean

Seasonal sales Clearance begins for summer clothes, bathing suits, and other light wear air conditioners Home appliances-more home improvement competition Rugs and carpets – home improvement competition Fuel oil – refill competition Radios and stereo equipment Summer sports equipment sales (like camping equipment) Used cars

Shop seasonal foods in your area:


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