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Travel First Aid Kit
June 12, 2010, 7:00 am
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With summer, comes vacations; with vacations, comes the possibility of minor injuries. Being prepared may help to minimize an unpleasant experience. Whether a simple hike in the woods or a week at the beach,  a travel first aid kit can prove to be indispensable. First aid kits range from pocket size to over sized.  Be sure to choose one appropriate to the occasion. Consider waterproofing items for activities which include swimming, boating, etc.  Stock the kit accordingly, depending on the location and the length of stay. When using a previously stocked first aid kit, check for expired and depleted items. Labeling the kit will ensure that anyone can identify it at a moment’s notice. And as always “Keep out of Reach of Children” and seek professional medical assistance when needed.

When traveling with small children, a “special” washcloth or other item for small, insignificant injuries may not be medically beneficial, but usually proves emotionally soothing.


Antihistamine for bug bites (such as Benadryl)

Bug spray containing DEET

Hydrocortisone ointment for bug bites

Ibuprofen or other pain reliever

Medication for relief of diarrhea

Medication for the relief of  indigestion

Medication for motion sickness

Cough drops

Throat lozenges

Nasal decongestant spray

Antibiotic cream to treat minor cuts

Hydrogen peroxide to clean minor cuts

Sunscreen, waterproof, with an SPF of 25 or higher and UVB and UVA protection

Hand sanitizer

Small folding scissors

First-aid tape and gauze for larger cuts

Cotton swabs or cotton balls

Eyeglass repair kit

Digital fever thermometer


Collapsible cup for taking medications orally

Assortment of bandages (also good for covering blisters from shoes)

Instruction booklet on minor medical advice such as sprains is helpful

Thin sheet & travel pillow – for comfort or to elevate an injured arm or foot


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Usually I am more prepared. I had nothing. He was running and he fell face first on the track. Bruise to the forehead with little marks from the rubber of the track plus a scrape. I had wet wipes and the ice from the ice chest…that was it. Luckily they had the restrooms open and we could rinse off and use soap on the scrapes.

Comment by Steph

Now that he’s home, give him hugs and kisses for us …. and then be sure and get together a travel first aid kit!

Comment by merryanna

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