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Reducing Packaging Waste
June 8, 2010, 9:58 am
Filed under: Homekeeping, Recycle

Once again, the issue of items marked for the landfill overflow from the trash receptacle. In an ongoing effort to reduce these items, several revisions were made to the household shopping list.  Hopefully, alternative, recyclable choices  (when available) will help to alleviate this problem:

fruit and vegetable grocery bags, use mesh bags (a quick call revealed that the flimsy bags are no longer recycled through the city’s facility due to their  tendency to jam the machines; however the local grocery store provides a recycle bin for them)

plastic straws (none or paper straws are available)

personal toiletries and cosmetics in non recycled containers

food items in tetra paks (cartons) such as milk, cream, broth, juice drinks – purchase in plastic or better yet,  glass containers

ink cartridges (have refilled, if possible)

cheeses (avoid individually wrapped slices)

baking items (many items come in plastic containers) – purchase at bulk food stores and use mesh bags

mixes/convenience items (usually contain inner liners) – make from scratch

cereals  (usually contain inner liners or packaged in plastic bags) – make granola from scratch or purchase cereals without liners  – oatmeal, for example

beans/rice (usually sold in plastic bags)  – some are available in cardboard boxes or purchase at bulk food stores and use mesh bags


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